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The sea between us

Original title: Entre nous, la mer

Genre: Documentary drama

Year of production: 2017

Release date: October 2018

Director: Stephanie Saxemard

Producer: CREATIV SÜN Films

Language: Creole, French, English

Length: 43’55



In the night of September 18th 2017, the eye of category 5 Hurricane Maria strikes the island Dominica head-on. For several days following the storm, the country is engulfed in silence, completely cut off from the rest of the world. From the neighbouring island of Martinique we decide to brave the stormy waters of the Dominican channel to establish communication with the island. For us, Caribbean natives, the sea that lies between them becomes the bridge that connects us together.


The film was made to document the work of the Martinique-based humanitarian organisation KOUDMEN.


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